REGeCTD for Windows Desktop ... New release on 9-18-2023 (R4)

REGeCTD for Windows Desktop, Publish version has the functions the same as the Online version (note: eCTD publishing/submission service now available).

Please send any questions by e-mail to:

REGeCTD eCTD software versions:

(1) Online version (Publish) - note: live discussions (Dr. D. Robert Lu) available with software license

(2) Windows desktop version (Publish) - note: eCTD publishing/submission service now available

(3) Windows desktop full version (Publish) - pricing

REGeCTD Windows desktop full version (Publish) - price sheet

Category 1 user computer 3 user computers 10 user computers
Price (USD) 1, 2 Contact us for price Contact us for price Contact us for price
License 3, 4 single company single company single company
1 User software training by FDA regulatory expert (Dr. D. Robert Lu) included
2 Full unlimited live discussions (Dr. D. Robert Lu) also available
3 Single pharmaceutical company license (i.e. REGeCTD software should not be shared for eCTD submissions from different pharmaceutical companies)
4 CRO/CDMO on submissions for mulitiple pharmaceutical companies require other types of license (Contact us for price)